Grade: A- (if you are a horror fan) B+ (a normal person)

Cast: Michael Rooker, Elizabeth Banks

Director: James Gunn

Rated R for strong horror violence and gore, and language.

Running time 95 minutes

Release Co: Universal Pictures

When an alien slug lands on Earth its only mission is to eat and destroy. It infests the body of a local man, Grant Grant (Michael Rooker) and wreaks havoc on the small town of Wheelsy, USA. Livestock is devoured, neighborhood dogs go missing and a local woman disappears. Grant is the only suspect and little do the small town inhabitants know that he is slowly transforming into a giant slug and his appetite for fresh meat is only met by his obsession with his wife Starla. Local Sheriff Pardy (Nathan Fillion) and Starla (Elizabeth Banks) race against time to save their small town and the rest of the world from this flesh-eating monster and his slimy minions. This movie was a comic treat but I really think it’s the kind of film only a true B-movie horror fan would enjoy. It’s got everything, sci-fi, horror, gore, the best death scene in a flick since 13 Ghosts, and all the one-liners you can handle. Director James Gunn really drives it home with a sort of Brechtian effect as he creates graphic visuals then gently underscores them with songs of the easy listening variety. I give this movie an A- for the horror fan who can really appreciate the cheesy premise, gory visuals and sardonic humor this film delivers and the acting ain’t half bad either. It’s a zombie/sci-fi/comedy/horror flick with hidden tributes to some of your favorite horror films. So keep your eye out for signs, people and names that pay homage to movies like Rosemary’s Baby, The Thing and Tremors. If you like to be tickled by terror then this is the film for you! by Cat Elrod – this review also available at

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