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Dragonball : Evolution Review


“KAMEHAMEHA!” Dragonball has blasted into theaters going from a legendary anime to a live action phenomena. The story focuses on a young, somewhat naive, boy named Goku ( Justin Chatwin) and his newly acquired friends Bulma (Emmy Rossum), who is a brilliant scientist, and Master Roshi (Chow Yun Fat). The setting of this story is prominant in West City, the Desert, The Shaoilin Temple, and follows with the Dragon Temple. This action packed movies brings the joy and excitement the anime had brought with it.

The story begins off with Goku(Chatwin) training with his grandfather, Gohan(Randall Duk Kim). Unlike in the anime, Goku is already exposed to the world around him and attends high school. Goku is some what of an outcast, and eventually gets noticed by his crush, Chichi (Jamie Chung). Goku recieves a gift from his grandfather, which is a Dragonball.  Gohan is attacked by Mai (Erika Tamura). The fight is interrupted as the evil Lord Piccolo (James Marsters) enters and practically kills Gohan. Goku discovers what happens and goes on a quest to find Master Roshi to warn him that Piccolo has returned. Goku is confronted by Bulma, and they form an alliance. They find Master Roshi and head off into the desert and have a run in with Yamacha (Joon Park). Together they make their way to find the rest of the Dragonballs and eventually have to confront Lord Piccolo.

The acting in this film is above average.  Im pretty sure that if there was a longer script than the acting could have been better.  Chatwin was able to bring out the character of Goku well. Joon Park as Yamacha would seem like an exact copy of Yamacha , as well as Chow Yun-Fat as Roshi. Emmy Rossum as Bulma is near perfection as Bulma. There were certain instances where a few of the characters deviated some, but overall it was a very decent attempt.

The whole direction of the movie is fast paced. To be honest this is what may be the only downfall of the movie and may affect it in a very negative way. From hopping into one scene to the next it may get confusing for those who do not know the anime. Along with the fast paced motion of the film, many plot holes appeared. Some examples are “How did Picollo know of Goku?” or “How did Piccolo escape?”. For the sequel it would be best if the pace of the movie was about medium and more in line to that of the anime.

Over all the movie is pretty enjoyable. It deviates away from the story of the anime at points, but it is an adaption. With the movie being about 100 minutes and the budget supposedly around 45 million, I say that they accomplished a lot. Dragonball is a good movie and I would recommend people to see it. Bring your kids too since they turned this into more of a family type movie. Dragonball has everything someone looks for in a movie;action, adventure, and comedy.

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