Twilight (2008)

About three things I was absolutely positive. First, this movie adaptation from the New York Times bestseller was very well done. Second, the film definitely kept me engaged as I thirsted for more. And third, I am patiently and eagerly awaiting the sequel. The movie Twilight dwells upon the theme of undying love…literally. Edward Cullen (Robert Pattison) & Isabella Swan (Kristen Stewart) star as the two romantically linked couple in this film about the good, the bad, and the inbetweens about love.

From when their eyes first meet, there is an undeniable chemistry. Much like any other chemical equation, a catalyst is needed. In this case it was the fateful meeting in the school parking lot. Where Edward would save Isabella’s life and there by declaring his feelings of adoration. Edward is distant and cold for most of the beginning of this film. His chivalrous deeds clash with his withdrawn behaviour towards Bella. Although this sets off signs to Bella that he is not interested in her, Edward, being the knight in shining armor that he is, is only trying to protect her from himself. As the two spend more time probing their misleading relationship, Bella learns of who Edward really is and attempts to come to terms with it. Ironically enough, it wasn’t Bella that needed to come to terms with this…it was Edward. The fear of turning someone he loved into a monster plagued him more so then Bella’s fear of becoming one. It wasn’t till an encounter with another group of similar beings that Edward finally realized who he was and who Isabella was.
I’ve always been a fan of Vampire movies. As I watched this movie, I was always wondering when Edward would reveal more about himself. What could Edward really do? What sort of powers did he have? Edward was able to move extremely fast, and seemed to possess great agility. It wasn’t till his rumage through the forest with Bella on his back did I truly grasp at the wonder of his abilites. It wasn’t the fact that he could jump from tree top to tree top or that he could run 3 blocks in 2 seconds. It was the fact that his abilities allowed him to reach the tree top and see the magnificent view that Forks Washingon had to offer. The scenery for the most part was damp. Always raining, cold, and lacked a sense of fun. Perhaps that’s why the Cullens decided to settle in such a place. But much like most new surroundings, you just need to get used to it. When the film showed that view a top the trees of the mountains and lakes, I was taken in. The budding romance that developed between Edward and Bella also had much to do with my perspective of the environment. Rain wasn’t just wet and cold anymore, it was an ideal setting for a memorable dance or a romantic kiss. Without the cold and the rain, this movie would have lost it’s charm.

Twilight has a bit of something for everyone: action, drama, romance, suspense, & mystery. There’s even a baseball scene that is very imaginative and entertaining. If you’ve read the book you may be a bit disappointed as the movie does seem rushed, however if you haven’t read the book then you are in for a treat.  Twilight is a very well made adaptation of the book and should not be missed. 

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