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The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

 This film is the definition of the term cult classic. “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, based off of the musical of the same name, debuted in theaters in 1975, and while not a huge box office success the movie has gained a large legion of fans. The film has definitely outlived the stage show, and that’s saying something. While the movie may not appeal to everyone, it is still a blast to watch. “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is a fun experience even if you’re not a die hard fan like the rest of the community.

 The story has a couple named Brad Majors (Barry Bostwick) and Janet Weiss (Susan Surandon) respectively, getting lost on a rainy night, and spend the rest of the evening at a castle owned by Dr. Frank N. Furter (Tim Curry). What follows is a strange and definitely weird romp filled with bizarre and sexual escapades, along with cheeky humor poking fun at bad sci-fi and horror films of the past.

 “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is a unique experience that needs to be seen to be believed. The story is silly, campy and overall just plain fun. The acting is over-the-top, but what can you expect from a production that pays tribute to low-budget cinema? While most of the cast is great to watch, it is Tim Curry’s performance that ultimately steals the show. The production design which ranges from the costumes to the sets are pretty faithful to the original show, and are nice to look at. The songs, oh boy, they are catchy, memorable, and great to listen to, especially the signature tune Time Warp. But what makes “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” a cult classic is the fact that it has its own type of audience. People love this movie and have a real good time attending screenings by making the movie feel like an interactive theatre. Whether you’re a lover of film or musicals in general, this movie has everything going for it.

 The only negative aspects that can hurt the film are minor and are only nitpicks. Some of the songs don’t fit or are just not that impressive; Sword of Damocles in particular. Finally, some movie goers might not understand the appeal that this movie has. To each his own.

 Overall, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, while not everyone’s cup of tea, certainly is enjoyable enough of being a cult classic.

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