Pacific Rim

In Guillermo del Toro’s film Pacific Rim the world is under attack by huge alien monsters that some from the sea called Kaiju.  To defend the world against the giant Kaiju the different governments have come together and designed large robots called Jaegers which are driven by two co-pilots that are connected by a neural bridge.  While the minds are connected the two pilots can control the massive robots in hand to hand combat with the Kaiju.  So far the Jaeger program has been successful but as time has passed the Kaiju have learned how to protect themselves, rendering the Jaegers defenseless.  In a last ditch effort to rescue the world a former washed out Jaeger pilot and a rookie trainee are paired together in an obsolete Jaeger to finally push the Kaiju into extinction and to save the planet.

Pacific Rim had received a lot of press before it even was released that it would be a bomb, but after the release it has found some success at the box office.  Perhaps people are simply curious to see if all the rumors are true, but I find that if you go in without any expectations it opens the door for you to be pleasantly surprised and that is what happens with Pacific Rim.  Guillermo del Toro is known for intricate and detailed out of this world creatures, and he does not disappoint in Pacific Rim.  Although with most of the battles being at night and they are on such a large scale, it can be difficult to see the detail that makes the creatures interesting.  The bioluminescent Kaiju are fearsome creatures that seem to be a hodge-podge of different animals.  The fight scenes are striking as robot and beast go head to head in epic battles that destroy the landscape around them.  The script, also co-written by del Toro, is not something you are going to see nominated come Oscar time but it is a solid story line.  The acting is a little cheesy here and there but everyone is giving it their all.

Pacific Rim is just an all around cool looking movie with all of its CGI tricks and details.  From underwater to high in the atmosphere the imagery is all del Toro, all the time.  Standouts in acting go to the former Jaeger pilot who returns to the program in hopes of finally saving the world Raleigh Becket played by Charlie Hunnam (Queer as Folk,Green Street Hooligans).  He is an unlikely hero who bucks the system to do things his way.  Idiris Elba’s (Thor, Prometheus) performance is also noteworthy as the head commander of the Jaeger program Stacker Pentecost.  His authoritative ways and “sis boom bah” speeches to inspire the troops are typical but necessary.  And then there is the rookie trainee Mako Mori, played by Rinko Kikuchi (Babel, The Brothers Bloom) whose quiet and respectful demeanor hides a warrior’s heart.  Pacific Rim is a solid movie with lots of rock ‘em sock ‘em action that the blow it up generation will adore.  But behind all its brawn lies a lot of heart.  Just remember to go into seeing it with no expectations and you won’t come out with that wish I would have waited for DVD release blues.  Be sure to stick around for the credits for a funny piece of the ending.

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