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Last House on the Left

Last house on the left directed by Dennis Iliadis and starring Garret Dillahunt, Tony Goldwyn, and Monica Potter is one of those classic revenge stories without of course the true feeling of revenge and remorse.


            Last house on the left is a remake of a movie based on a familiar tale. A tale about evil people who rape one girl and kill another then seek refuge at one of the parent’s houses. The parents soon find out and decide to get their payback and thus the question of revenge is introduced.


            In this particular telling of the story I felt as if all the classical and modern discussions of revenge were left rather silent. There is a difference between revenge and justice though if your daughter were introduced to such acts would you really care about moral obligations. If not, if you as a parent do decide to take revenge especially along side your spouse I would think there would be more dialogue if any thing concerning the aspect of killing witch has obviously never played into their lives. Even through the most brutal of killings there was no such dialogue in this film. I of course then waited for some bit of remorse or emotional releases like that in earlier versions of this story and they really just never came.


            Now also in telling this story I think one other rather large aspect was left absent. You see the group of evil people in this movie seemed much less then evil. Even through the leaders vicious acts not much was written in about his mindset. I felt that we were left to assume that he is evil and that’s it. Though if this were true the character should more or less pay tribute to the murderer in no country for men, a character who by definition is evil with no backdrop what so ever. Our evil leader in last house is just too emotionally driven with no motive.


All in all this was a well acted and entertaining movie, yet in the end the I just felt as if there was so much more to be had in this morally gray area of a film. Though if you are a fan of thriller/ horror movies you’ll probably want to see this one, everyone else can wait for Blu-Ray.     


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