Man of Steel

In Warner Bros. Pictures newest release for the summer, Man of Steel tells the story of the origin and beginning of Superman.  Born on the planet Krypton that is dying, Kal-El is sent by his mother and father to the planet Earth for his survival.  Along with him his father Jur-El sends with him the Codex, a DNA blueprint of all of the bloodlines on Krypton.  Before Kal can be sent to the new planet, a man named Genernal Zod and his group of supporters attempts a military coup on Krypton in hopes of seizing control of the Codex to build a superior race of Kryptonians.  But before he is successful, he is captured and sentenced to lifetimes upon lifetimes inside a black hole.  As Krypton explodes and dies, Kal-El is transported to his new home and finds his new family.  The young Clark Kent, the name given to him by is human parents, seems like a regular guy, a young man who was raised on a Kansas farm.  He travels from place to place taking on odd jobs and trying to stay off of mainstream society’s radar.  Here on Earth he has to hide his differences for fear of how the world will treat him.  All his life he has struggled with his abilities to see what others couldn’t and do things that humans could only dream of.  Until one day General Zod comes to Earth to find Kal-El and the Codex.  Now the inhabitants of Earth know that they are not alone in the universe.  Will Kal/Clark turn the Codex over to General Zod and build a new Krypton on Earth at the cost of the human race, or will he become a guardian of the human race and protect it?

Directed by Zac Snyder, known for Watchmen and 300, Man of Steel is so far the best action movie of the summer.  When you are talking about someone with super human strength of course there is going to be a lot of action.  From the opening scenes on Krypton to the final scenes in Metropolis, Man of Steel constantly stimulates the senses with its eye-popping imagery and scene-stealing soundtrack.  Snyder does not seem obsessed with what the critics are going to say about this movie, but his goal is to satisfy the fans of this 75-year-old franchise.  Long-time fans will appreciate the detailed glimpses into the rarely talked about beginning of Kal-El’s life on Earth and even impress some new fans just now discovering this comic book treasure.  Snyder hits a home run with his direction of the film, and Hans Zimmer follows suit with his exciting and intriguing soundtrack to the movie.

Man of Steel would not be the movie that it is without the performance of one person and that is Henry Cavill.  Beyond the chiseled body and elegant eight pack is an actor who quietly portrays a darker side of Superman, a quiet man torn between where he was born and where he was raised.  A Kryptonian by birth and being raised as a human on Earth, to say the least there are some identity issues there, but he must put all that aside and decide between a new Krypton or saving Earth.  Another stand out that must be mentioned is Amy Adams.  She is the best Lois Lane of the franchise so far, a smart and interesting Lois who is not fooled by a set of glasses.  Every hero needs a villain and Michael Shannon from Boardwalk Empire feels the part perfectly.  He is demanding and stern as the general of Krypton looking to make a superior race of Kryptonians at the expense of the human race.  He is bold and exacting in his execution of Zod.  Man of Steel is an action-packed roller coaster ride with ups and downs and twists and turns.  In a film made with the fans in mind, this movie really makes you want a real super hero in the world.

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