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Monsters University

In Pixar’s newest full-length feature film, Monsters University, we are transported to a time when best friends Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan first met.  Both young monsters are embarking on their education of becoming scarers at Monsters, Inc.  As established by the movie Monsters, Inc., a scarer sneaks into the rooms of young children and scares them to harness the power of their screams to help power the monster’s world.  Mike and Sulley, as his friends know him, both enter into the scarer program at Monsters University to learn the tools of the trade.  When the two young monsters meet each other for the first time, it is not exactly love at first sight.  After getting thrown out of the scare program Mike and Sulley reluctantly join the lamest fraternity on campus to compete in the Scare Games.  The Scare Games are a series of team competitions to determine who are the best scarers.  Mike makes a deal with the dean of the scare program that kicked him out that if his fraternity wins the games, they will all be allowed back into the scare program, but if they lose, Mike and Sulley must leave campus for good.  Monsters University tells the story of how these two very different monsters overcome their differences and become the best of friends.

As with all Pixar movies there is a special magic that makes the story enjoyable for both adults and children, and Monsters University does not disappoint in that arena.  The story is clever with lots of physical comedy for the kids while still entertaining the adults with its wit.  Not all about the funny bone, Monsters University touches the heart with its endearing tale of two monsters who become the best of friends through trial and tribulation.  Directed and co-written by Dan Scanlon, this movie is special in its exploration of friendship and the ability of friendship to overcome diversity.  Like the trailer points out some are born into greatness while others make it on their own.  The animation is lush and rich and is well worth the extra money to see it in 3D.  It is amazing the amount of time that an army of animators and other talented people devote into creating a movie of this magnitude.

And as with any animated feature, a large part of its success is due to the actors and actresses that provide voices for the characters and Monsters University if full of examples.  Billy Crystal returns to voice the character of Mike Wazowski and he is a comedic genius at it.  Just as funny is the voice of John Goodman as Sulley, I mean can you really imagine any other voices as these characters?  Another standout is that of Helen Mirren as Dean Hardscrabble, the head of the scare program.  She is, as her name suggests, hard and stern with her delivery and cleverly represents the person who kicked Mike and Sulley out of the scare program.  So many aspects of making an animated feature must be top notch to make it successful and Monsters University passes each one with an A+.  Another excellent addition to the Pixar repertoire, this film is bound to be a summer blockbuster that pleases moviegoers of all ages.

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