Director:              Marc Forester

Writers:               Neal Purvis

Paul Haggis

Robert Wade

Quantum of Solace opens like any other Bond film in history with an epic action sequence before the title credits. Daniel Craig is back again as James Bond, with the Judi Dench as M, and Olga Kurylenko as the latest bond girl, Camille. The film is set in a variety of places ranging from London to a desert in Africa.

Quantum of Solice is, for the first time in Bond history, the sequel to 2007s Casino Royale, in which Bond lost his last love and Bond girl, and is now seeking revenge for her death.  Bond is now tracking who he thinks to be responsible for the death of his past love, which soon leads him to Camille, who is close to Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric), the latest Bond villain. Events that soon follow include an unusually high body count for Bond, along with the usual hand to hand combat, gun fights and car chases.

The scoring of this film is spectacular as with any other bond film, and of course, no 007 film is complete without the classic 007 theme. There are continuous hints of recycled scoring, which we have heard throughout the last few films, but with just enough new accents and full sequences, you will never notice the difference. As with ‘Die Another Day’  and ‘Casino Royale’, the horn and percussion section play very prominent roles in keeping the action sequences rolling, with their driving beat and raunchy horns.

As far as direction goes, it’s another ‘A’ for the 22nd Bond epic. Quite a few other critics have pegged Quantum of Solace and 007 himself as an action hero then the usual gadget slinging, secret agent we have come to love in the past. There was a lack of the gadgets and car chases with heat seeking missiles, machine guns behind headlights, ejection seats and cloaking devices, but in the end made up for it with the amount of action sequences. Bond isn’t his gadgets or fancy cars, and yes, he is driven by revenge, but he is also being hunted by the CIA and temporarily disowned by MI6. This is given the explanation for the lack of gadgets and fancy cars, but even then, we don’t see or hear Q at all, formerly played by John Cleese.

Overall, as a James Bond fan myself, I did enjoy the latest installment into the 007 franchise, but, like many others, was disappointed in the fact that Bond had become more of an action hero. But, that said, there was still enough Bond elements and feel that it could be enjoyed by any Bond fanatic or action movie enthusiast. So when its released on DVD this March, I would recommend going to your local video store and renting Quantum of Solace, then further deciding whether or not you want to buy it. As for me, count on me purchasing this one for my collection.