Caddyshack (1980)

 Golf is a hard game to master, but easy to follow. Hollywood hasn’t really given audiences a good movie about the sport, and most of the time, the films that are produced are not that very well-received. Enter “Caddyshack”, a 1980 film that takes a humorous look at the spot and makes it very enjoyable to watch. With its memorable cast and wonderful nostalgic value, the movie both parodies and pokes fun at what happens on and off the golf course. Though there are some minor issues with the film, it is still incredibly fun to watch. “Caddyshack” will appeal to professional golfers by having a good time and feeling all right.

 The story has a young man named Danny (Michael O’Keefe), who wants nothing more than to go to college and get an education. Danny is working at a private club called the Bushwood Country Club to get his tuition fee under way. At this particular club, there are certain members who have a distinct personality of their own. We have Judge Smails (Ted Knight), an older gentleman with a strict authority; Ty Webb (Chevy Chase), a free-spirited individual and somewhat narcissistic; and Carl (Bill Murray), who is the groundskeeper. Everything changes when two certain individuals come into the club. Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield), a big shot who becomes the ultimate nuisance at the club, and Mr. Gopher who turns Carl’s life into a living hell. What follows is a romp at the club with a lot of shenanigans.

 “Caddyshack” is a really funny movie that excels in its comedy. What this means is that the story sets itself nicely, and the jokes offer a lot of opportunities for improvisation. In fact, most of the movie was improvised, which works out better. Rodney Dangerfield steals the show and his humor is dead-on; the rest of the cast does a great job as well, and all the characters in the movie are memorable. The direction is a nice first attempt from Harold Ramis, who went on to do more ambitious projects later on. The editing moves at a nice pace as something always catches your eye. “Caddyshack” delivers something extraordinary for everyone, even if they are not golfers themselves.

If there are any complaints about the movie, then the third act moves a little slow and the theme song is incredibly catchy. Also, Mr. Gopher sounds like a porpoise.

 In conclusion, “Caddyshack” is a really great comedy about golf even if you don’t understand it.

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