Madea Goes to Jail

      As soon as you saw the preview, you knew this was going to be good. Madea is back again in “Madea Goes to Jail”and is better than ever. Starring Tyler Perry,  Derek Luke, Keisha Knight Pulliam, and David Mann.You will also see a lot of familiar faces in this one, they sure did include a lot of special guests.

Once again Madea (Tyler Perry) finds her way in front of the Judge for wreaking havoc in her hometown. (Atlanta Georgia) The only thing that kept her from the big house was the “Po Po” not reading her Miranda rights.So the judge sends her home, but takes her liscense away. Later on in the film, Madea finds her way back in front of the judge. Except this time it’s a different judge, and this judge sends Madea away for five years.

In the previous films the main plot was about people around Madea. And it is in this film as well, but there is more crazy grandma and less serious story this time around. But of course we are all going to see this movie to get a lot of laughs, so this shouldn’t dissapoint anyone. Also, there is a crying scene in the movie and I think the actor was acting a little too much. Everyone in the theater started laughing at this scene, because they didn’t spend enough time helping us relate to the characters. So that was a let down, but that doesn’t ruin this great movie. I reccomend you check this one out.   4.5 out of 5.

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