Man of Steel (2013)

 Superman is essential to every comic book history to describe the evolution of a character. What started out as a hero that represented the American people, quickly became a popular icon of American culture. And an icon of popular culture did Superman become; the character has had cartoons, television series, and movies that have become stored in the minds of almost everyone. And with the movies, Superman has brought the notion of good v. evil to audiences everywhere. Now, with a more modern reboot entitled “Man of Steel”, Superman is back on the big screen once more. Though the film does have some flaws, the movie is still good. “Man of Steel” may not be the greatest attempt at a Superman film, but at least it tried.

 The story is a retelling of the origin of Superman. The planet Krypton is going to be destroyed and Jor-El (Russell Crowe) sends out his newly born son to the planet Earth so that he may have a better life there. The newborn babe lands in Kansas and is raised as Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) who is trying to find out what his purpose in life is all about. One day, Clark finds out that he is a being from another planet and becomes the hero known as Superman. Meanwhile, a group of rebels led by General Zod (Michael Shannon) plan on destroying the Earth and rebuilding it as Krypton. Can Superman protect the Earth’s people, or will he succumb to the wrath of Zod?

 “Man of Steel” is good enough to know that it is a Superman movie. The story sets itself very well by dealing with the conflict that Clark must now face that he is now a being from another world that is completely destroyed. Who does Clark have to trust: himself or the people around him? The direction by Zack Snyder, best known for adapting other comic books like “300” and “Watchmen”, knows how to handle the source material for which this film is based on. For a Superman movie, this is pretty serious in its tone; this is due to the fact that Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight) produced this film. The special effects are pretty amazing to look at, as there is action to please the eyes. Speaking of action, Speaking of the action, the last couple of minutes in the film really grab you onto your seat as there is fight sequence after fight sequence which is spectacular.

 With that being said, however, there are some problems with the film. For one, the acting isn’t up to standard with the previous entries in the Superman film series. While we do get good performances out of Cavill and Shannon as Superman and Zod respectively, the rest of the cast just doesn’t feel right. Amy Adams is particularly to blame as she really didn’t contribute anything to being Lois Lane, Superman’s love interest. The music sounds a little bit like The Dark Knight saga as Hans Zimmer composed those films as well as this movie. But what really kills the movie is the pacing. At nearly two and a half hours, “Man of Steel” could have been trimmed by just a little bit. The slow pace happens mostly in the first and second act of the movie.

 In the end, “Man of Steel” may not be the absolute best incarnation of Superman, but it is still good on its own.

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