Sometimes when watching a movie, it is very apparent that the filmmakers are looking for some sort of award recognition.  Whether it be an Oscar, a SAG, or a Golden Globe, most in the film industry seem to seek some kind of award.  It is apparent that the people behind The Pink Panther 2, have the same award aspirations.  However, they seem to seek a Razzie, as opposed to something more prestigious.

The Pink Panther 2 is a sequel to the 2006 comedy, The Pink Panther.  Steve Martin (The Jerk) returns as the clueless Inspector Clouseau, searching for the stolen Pink Panther diamond.  Sound familiar?  It could easily be confused as a remake, of the remake.  The plot is basically the exact same, with a few changes.  Instead of searching for a ring, it’s just a diamond.  Instead of working with one partner, Clouseau teams with an entire team of investigators to find the missing stone.  Half the jokes in the movie are simply rehashes of jokes from the first movie.  For example, Clouseau’s trouble saying “hamburger.”  I found the original scene to be hilarious, but in the remake, it feels over done.  It has a few decent laughs, but you’ll probably yawn more than chuckle aloud.

The supporting cast is comprised of fine actors, in a sub par movie.  Alfred Molina (Spider-Man 2), Andy Garcia (When a Man Loves a Woman), and John Cleese (Rat Race) all attempt to pump fresh life into the franchise, but fail to even get a heartbeat.  Jean Reno (The Professional) returns as Clouseau’s partner, and Emily Mortimer (Lars and the Real Girl) returns as the apple of Clouseau’s eye.  The romance between the two is awkward, and fails to find any chemistry.  However, the chemistry between Reno and Martin is dead on, as the two play great off each other.  Their a fantastic comedic duo, that I would love to see paired up again in other comedies.

Having no real recollection of the original Pink Panther series (I plan to re-watch them eventually), I can’t really compare the two.  But everyone whom I’ve spoken with about the franchise seem to agree that Peter Sellers is far better than Martin.  I think Martin is great in these movies, and I personally enjoy almost everything he is in.  He just has a true gift for playing lovable idiots who always find their way.  His acting is not the problem with this sequel, the script is not original and not even very funny.  When I watched the first film, I was thoroughly entertained, and looked very much forward to a second round.  But now, I’d rather just forget the sequel and remember the first for the hilarious comedy it is.

If your looking for a laugh, this is not your movie.  This is only for big die hard fans of the first movie, or people who enjoy a really bad movie.  While it may not end up on anyone’s list of “worst” movies for 2009, it’s certainly an early contender.  In 2008, we had the Love Guru, and now the early Razzie front runner is The Pink Panther 2.