Step Brothers

Will Ferrell and John C. Reily both play 40 year old man children in Step Brothers.

As far as plot goes for this movie there actually really isn’t a plot for the most part. The name of the movie is basically the plot. Dale’s (Reily) dad (Richard Jenkins) marries Brennan’s (Ferrell) mother (Mary Steenburgen) and Brennan and his mom move in with Dale and his dad. Both Dale and Brennan have lots of problems like sleepwalking, and just hating the living guts out of each other. Eventually they see that they both have a lot in common and become best friends. Their parents get fed up with them still living at home and tell them that they have one month to find jobs or their out on their asses. They go to interviews but no luck and eventually the family breaks up only to be reunited again in the end.

The movie has plenty of laughs in it, both Will Ferrell and John C. Reily are hilarious and are what basically makes the movie any good. I wouldn’t call this a great movie because, even though its funny it has no story whatsoever and other than the cast it doesn’t have a whole lot going for it. There are some very hilarious scenes however like when the brothers make a rap video on their dad’s boat and when the brothers have a huge fight because Brennan touches Dale’s drumset. It definitely delivers on the laughs but not so much with a good story.

All the performances here are fine. Ferrell and Reily both play characters that they have played before but even still they have great chemistry together and can make people laugh. Steenburgen and Jenkins are both fine here as the parents but aren’t really given a whole lot to do. And Adam Scott definitely steals the show as Derek, Brennan’s real brother who is a jerk to both the brothers and is a class act.

All in all the movie is defnitely worth watching if you were a fan of Talladega Night, Walk Hard, or Anchorman. But if your looking for a good comedy with a decent story and lots of laughs then you may want to watch a different movie because this one does not fulfill all of that.

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