Taken is Action packed thrill staring (Liam Neeson) (Batman Begins) as Bryan Mills, and (Famke Janssen)( X-Men Trilogy) as Lenore and (Maggie Grace)(The Fog) As Kim.

In this international thriller Mills (a retired black-ops agent) daughter Kim and her friend Amanda is kidnapped by a crime organization while vacationing in Pairs. As Mills only has a 96 hour window in ever finding his daughter he has no mercy for anyone when it comes to getting the information he needs to find her. This car chasing , guns blazing, adrenaline pumping movie is sure to keep you on your feet.

In this film Neeson gives a bone chilling performance, as a father who has no boundaries in what he will do to find he’s daughter.

Pierre Morel (Director) who has worked on such films as Transporter 2 and The Messenger: The Joan of Arc story has brought his vision to the screen in a none stop action packed movie.

If you like none stop action, bone crushing, guns blazing movies then this is for you. I say its a must see.

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