Evil Dead review

The Evil Dead is an anomaly among horror remakes; it is actually good. Over the years we have had countless terrible horror remakes, including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th and I Spit On your Grave. But The Evil Dead does something unique, it remains faithful to the original and at he same time, comes up with its own ideas.

Perhaps the biggest factor in its critical and commercial success is the participation of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell. Their presence can easily be seen on screen, but credit is due to the director Fede Alvarez, a director with his own vision, but is able reconstruct key iconography from the original in a new and modern way.

One of the biggest wins for the film was the use of practical effects over the use of CGI. One of the best decisions the filmmakers could have made. Practical effects add a further degree of horror for the viewer, knowing that all the blood and guts that are on screen was actually there, instead of being digitally created on a computer; cheapening the film with use of 3D.

For a film with such a small roster of characters, I didn’t care for the characters as much as I should have done. Jane Levy’s character; Mia, is struggling with a heroin addiction and this holiday to the cabin with her friends and relatives is supposed to help her overcome her addiction. But with the inevitable demon possession that will commence, there is no need to pay attention.

The fun, however, starts when the demons are let put of a box. With a character foolishly ignoring clearly serious warnings about reading a book out loud, Mia becomes possessed. One by one, each of the characters become infected and are dispatched in gloriously violent ways. Gore fans will love this. But I still can’t help feeling that if we were more emotionally connected to the characters, then the payoff would be much more rewarding.


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