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Revolutionary Road

 “How do you break free without breaking apart ?” 

“Who’s the better actor, Leonardo Dicaprio or Kate Winslet?”

Well, after watching this movie I have to say, without a doubt in my mind that this film would not have been the same if Kate Winslet wasn’t casted for this role. I wasn’t surprised at all she won best actress for this drama. Keep in mind that both Leo and Kate were nominated , but Katy took the golden globe in this one. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one that took notice of her near-perfect performance in this Drama.

Revolutionary Road is a dramatic movie, in which you see the life of a couple; Leonardo Dicaprio as Frank Wheeler and Kate Winslet as April Wheeler,  living the “American dream” … but are they happy ?

It all starts out when Kate’s character ,who is already emotionally unstable  and over-analytical of everything, comes up with this crazy idea that drives herself and her husband to the breaking point.

She starts feeling like there’s something wrong. She reminisces on a memory of her husband, Frank Wheeler – Leonardo Dicaprio, once telling her something when they first met.”People are alive in Paris, I’d love to go back there the first change I get”,he tells her. Where she replies in awe and admiration,” Frank Wheeler,You’re the most interesting person I’ve ever met.”

And just like that ,from this one memory, she gets it in her head that she wants to move to Paris and be “happy” there.

She believes that living in their suburban home, doing normal things , and being like everyone else around them is so… ordinary. And she refuses to buy into the delusion that this is the way it’s supposed to be. She almost feels like she’s not alive anymore.

Instead of dealing with her issues the normal way , if that’s even possible, she acts out like a child at times through out the movie, and comes up with a pretty unrealistic idea… or is it ?

Apparently in her mind , they only way to be happy now is moving away to Paris.

She comes up with the idea that instead of Frank Wheeler working a regular job, whom he supposedly hates. She is the one who’s going to work and he’s going to be able to pursue his “dreams”.

It all starts going sour when they tell their friends their “plan”. In which Leo’s character realizes that he actually likes where he’s at, and maybe he doesn’t want to move away. In which April Wheeler calls him a “coward”. It’s so much easier to just do nothing, because if you never follow your dreams , you’ll never fail right ?

As you can tell the movie takes a more serious tone as it progresses, filled with drama and at times unexpected reaction to different situations from these characters , making this film almost healing when it comes to relationship and life-issues.

One of the movie’s quirks, is the irony of this character we get to meet. A clinically insane guy, whom they have to befriend as a favor . Which ironically , is the one person that understands them the best.

Revolutionary Road is a-must watch for those “drama” lovers, or if you just want to … “break free from your ordinary life”.


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