It is an ordinary night at the town’s bar. The waitress struggling to make ends meet with the tips and side favors. The bartender is trying to keep the peace with open threats to the drunks and the drunks are blabbing on about nothing. The door busts open and a man with a bloody face and a shotgun tells them that something inhuman is coming. They all band together to fight off these demon-looking creatures or end up being the creatures next meal. Will they survive? Where did the creatures come from?  



            I have never heard of this film because a.)I didn’t watch project green light go with Ben Affleck and the others, which this film is the winner of the show and b.) I never HEARD of this film (which is a pressing good reason). Oh wow, where do I start? This film is horrible! The first half hour of the film has nothing going on except stupid pop-ups of lame comedic commentary of each person in the bar. I wanted to turn it off and slam it against the wall then but I decided to remain open-minded and finish it. The acting is atrocious with horrible script writing and stupid facial expressions. The characters are dumb and useless because all they do is run around like idiots when the creatures try to come in or grab someone. Also there were too many characters trying to play the lead or the hero with weak sternness and cliché one-liners. The leading towards the plot left me raging as in “Is this terrible movie really about bad costumed-monsters (the special effects tried to show adequate real-life creatures and gore but failed miserably) having a pitiful excuse for gory sex scenes and cannibalism?” Belch. The ending is just not worth mentioning; really this whole movie is not worth mentioning. When the film went off, I actually felt like I really wasted two hours of my life watching it. I would have been more entertained watching a snail crawl across the concrete. All in all, the worst movie I have seen this year and I will never watch it again!