Three friends plan and execute an easy robbery until one of them turns on the other two and runs away with the merchandise. The surviving friend, Sonny (Curtis Jackson), vows to take vengeance on the traitor, Vincent (Ryan Phillippe). Even the town’s most feared mob boss, Biggs (Bruce Willis), gets involved and the manhunt is on. Did Vincent leave the country? How will they find him? Is this all a ploy to escape from the victims of the robbery? Will Sonny kill Vincent? 

Review:             I can see that this film was trying to do something but just didn’t know how, like acceptable drama and suspense. This film is like a big-named actor’s first movie mistake because the direction of the film was going nowhere and the one-liners and intense looks were ghastly. I love Bruce Willis but this was not the film for him, he is way too talented to stoop this low. I felt the same for Nicholas Cage; I had so much respect for him as an actor but then he started taking on movies that were beneath him (pity movies) and I lost that respect. I really don’t want that for Bruce, so do better Bruce. As far as Ryan, I don’t expect much from him. I only liked him in Cruel Intentions. All of the other films he’s done, I only see the type-cast of a pretty boy trying to play tough guy, lame. I don’t listen to rap music but Curtis Jackson should stick to 50 cent. All in all, I will never see this film again (a complete disappointment from the trailer).