Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Horror August Underground’s Mordum

August Underground’s Mordum

Directed by: Killjoy, 2003
Cast: Fred Vogel, Christie Whiles, and Michael Schneider
Runtime: 77 minutes

A commenter on IMDb said, ” If snuff movies can be considered art, this is the genre’s Mona Lisa.”. I guess in order to understand what this movie aims for, one would have to understand what exactly a ‘snuff’ film is. According to a pornographic film that shows an actual murder of one of the performers, as at the end of a sadistic act. Having just heard of the August Underground trilogy, I decided to search for it and eventually found the second one online. I downloaded it and watched bits and pieces of it right after it finished. I was left with a slight sickening feeling in me that hasn’t really happened before. Mordum is shot as a ‘home video’ with a handheld camera. It documents the lives of three friends as they go around raping and murdering various victims. If the only thing was rape / murder, it’d be much better than what they have done. They take their acts to the most extreme measures you can think of. I really hate to give away any of the scenes but it really is such an obscure film and if you do happen to find it, there’ll be plenty of other stuff to shock you. Here’s an example of what you can expect to be committed by these vile, disgusting people: In one scene, after getting her back cut and having the wounds vomitted on, a woman is tied up and one of the men slices her stomach open. He goes on to pull her inner organs out and then proceeds to have ‘sex’ with the open slit in her stomach, even after she’s dead. What makes this film work is the intensity and realness of it. Not only does it appear to be an actual home video, the gore is done in a way that makes me wonder if in fact these murders were staged. I showed this to a few of my friends and told them that I found it in my attic earlier that day. Believing that it was a real home video, they watched it in complete shock and urged me to turn it into the police immediately. It’s impossible to rate this movie, therefore, I won’t.

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  1. I have seen it and it was really messed up but it is fake. There is nothing real about it just a bunch of teenagers having messed up fun. It was messed up when they made the guy chop of his penis but It was all fake.

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