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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

This movie stars the cast of usual characters, Daniel Radcliff as Harry Potter, Gary Oldman as Sirius Black, and some new editions which are to thrilling to tell.  Let’s see if you can recognize them.  It is rated PG-13 and is 133 minutes long. 

Most people who go to see this movie have seen the first ones as well.  So I don’t think you need much back story, but I will give you a little.  Harry Potter is a magician who goes to a special school for magicians (or witches whatever you want to call them).  This is like a junior and senior high school for magical children.  His parents were murdered by a fiend named Voldimort.  V is a very bad guy who wants to rule the magical world.  Harry has gone through many trials to get to this point and has done a lot of growing and some losing.  This chapter of the story finds Harry butting heads with the Ministry.  Not just him but all of Hogwarts (the magical school).  The beginning of the movie starts with people not believing that Voldimort is back.  Harry has to continually prove himself and that what he said was true.  The ministry on the other hand has a difference of opinion and send a special teacher to get things under control.  Harry must prove that Voldimort is alive, but he has no idea how.  Through some unsurprising twists and some surprising ones we find the truth, not just about Harry, and we get a hint of how this series will be ending.  Loss.

This movie seemed to dwell more on the feelings of Harry than the other movies.  There is not a lot of character set up which is refreshing.  We don’t have to go through a lot of new knowledge, but we also don’t get as much information as we probably could.  The Order of the Phoenix was not really injected as much as I thought it should be, since this movie is called Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  This is a very dark movie and young children might be frightened or unable to understand what has been going on.

Personally I enjoyed the character of Sirius Black and have been a fan of Gary Oldman since The Professional and Dracula and I was dissapointed that he was not used more as he almost always bring his whole self into the character.  There are a couple of characters that I am sure we will be seeing again, hopefully those actors/actresses will be used in accordance with their abilities.

I enjoyed this movie, even though unlike most viewers I have not read on of the books.  I think if you have kept up with the movie it is not necessary to read the books, but if you feel the need I am sure that there is information in them that is not in the movies.  I would say go see this if you want something dark and brooding.  This is not a light movie and you may leave it with a little darker mood.

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