The Legend Of 1900

The legend of 1900, stars Tim Roth, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Melanie Thierry, Bill Nunn, Clarence Williams III, and Niall O’Brien. This takes place from 1900 to mid the 1960’s on the Great Pacific Ocean, and considered to bee Drama, Romance, and Foreign film.Can you imagine never having a birth certificate, a social card, just never existing in this world, but having a life that lives on through other people? this movie is merely about a young boy that is born on a ship that the world of Jazz was introduced to, with no lessons.  He had this special gift of playing jazz that know one has ever heard.

When he started playing he just went to the piano and started playing a piece that was so beautiful, and at the end of his piece he said to fuck jazz.  He new at this point he was the best.     As the ship dinning hall were serving elegant dinners. The band would play some nice soothing music, and once T.D. Lemon felt like it was time to liven the party he would start in with his jazz.  This bought people to the dance floor and the rest of the band members to catch up with him.

One time he was challenged by the great Jelly Roll Morton in play off.  To see who the best piano jazz player is.  Once again T.D. Lemon took this very lightly,even played silent night, but did it with a line saying “You asked for it”.  As that piece ended the crowd and Morton stood still and speechless.   They knew he was the greatest of all times then.

The music for this movie matched every scene of this movie.  It gave a time essence with the time, that puts you in the movie itself.  and then with the photography and video giving off rich and natural colors of te ship as well as the characters.  At the love scene you actaully feel like you were reading a book that came alive after each sentence you read.

Are you looking for a valentines, date night, or just a relaxing movie. This is it! This movie is so great! You will not want it to end!  The film had natural colors, the soundtrack kept you awake and excited for the next scene. The clothing seemed all original and the cast played their parts so well.  Though this was only a movie, you felt as if it took place in real life. This is movie you want to own two copies of and its soundtrack.

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