This is a comeback story for the ages.

In Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler, Randy “The Ram” Robinson, Mickey Rourke, goes through the tough life of being a wrestler. He’s definitely past his prime but is still one of the most loved wrestlers in the business. Outside of wrestling he does some small time work at a local grocery store. He spends his nights out at a strip club talking it up with one particular stripper, the lovely Marisa Tomei. After one intense match he suffers a heart attack and learns that he can’t wrestle anymore. So he starts working weekends behind the deli at the grocery store. Also he tries to patch things up with his daughter, Evan Rachael Wood, who he ran out on when she was younger. He starts to form a closer bond with the stripper and his daughter. Even though everything looks good for him he still struggles with his life. Finally he decides to have a rematch with one of his opponents from the 80’s to have at least one more great match to go out on.

This movie is definitely Mickey Rourke’s comeback. He gives a breathtaking performance as Randy “The Ram” and shows he still has what it takes as a great actor. He goes through some brutal times with his character but he makes every minute of it work and seem real in every way. Both Marisa Tomei and Evan Rachael Wood give great performances as the two girls in Randy’s life. Both their characters are strong, independent women who both hold their own on screen with Rourke.

Overall this is one fantastic comeback story. Aronofsky’s direction is fabulous and the performances are all knockouts. This is the new generation’s Rocky, and makes for one great underdog story that audiences will cheer for every time they watch.