Where the Truth Lies

Starring Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth, this is a thrilling mystery set in the 1950’s and 1970’s.  It is rated R but you can also find the unrated version, the rating is for sexuality, nudity, violence and language.  Run time for this movie is 1 hour 48 minutes.

Lanny (Kevin Bacon) and Vince (Colin Firth) are a comedic group who plan and help fill a polio telethon every year.  One year things seemed to change and after that year the polio telethon was no more.  The duo broke up, and never preformed together again.  Fifteen years after their last telethon a young up and coming writer, Karen, comes to Vince saying she wants to write a book about his life, but she wants the truth about something that happened just before that last telethon.  She wants to know the truth behind the death of a young girl, the unsolved murder that seemed to be the catalyst behind the end of Lanny and Vince’s partnership.  While searching she finds that no one is what they seem, lies are around every corner, and as she searches deeper and deeper she puts her own life at risk, and her future as a writer. 

This movie was not exactly what I expected and I can compare it to a movie I had seen before Mulholland Drive.  As with that movie I wasn’t sure exactly what was going on until almost the end of the movie, when everything is revealed.  While the acting was very good, Bacon and Firth worked well together and were quite believable as a working duo.  The chemistry was excellent between then and it made me hope that they work together on something in the future.  I enjoyed watching the movie for the main reason of the flashbacks the two had when talking about their pasts as working partners.  The sets were interesting as well, they seemed to fit the movie perfectly.  When Karen visits Vince’s house and things get a little out of control the set was so unique and sexy it reminded me a lot of the food scene in 9 1/2 weeks.  Not what was expected but interesting and arousing at the same time.

The main thing that bothered me about this movie was that it was a little slow.  There were times when I just wished they would get to the point and tell me what was going on.  The suspense was understood, but there were times when it seemed like the movie was trying too hard to be suspenseful, and it became annoying when they kept going over the same things again and again.  I was a little concerned that the movie would end and we would never know what had happened or what the point of all of this was.  As it is I am not sure what some of the point of it had been.  The scene I talked about earlier where Karen visited Vince’s house and things got out of control, well that scene was actually a little long and could have been edited down to much shorter with the exact same effect on the viewer. 

All in all, while I though that this movie was a little long and overly suspenseful, I did enjoy it.  It is one of those movies that the viewer, after watching it once, decides they have to watch it again to make sure they got the whole thing and really understood what was going on.  Plus it does have some very sexy moments and might be a good movie to watch with a date, boy or girl.  The woman will like it for the cuteness of Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth and the man will like it because of the nudity and girl-on-girl kissing scenes.  Plus it has an interesting story and whoever watches it will have to finish it to see who killed the girl or if she died as a result of some horrible accident.

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