CAST: Jason Statham, Joan Allen, Tyrese Gibson, Ian Mcshane, Natalie Martinez, and so much more!

This movie was mind-blowing. It had me at the edge of my seat with a solid ending! It was directed by Paul W.S Anderson who made this potential B movie into one of the best action movies of 2008!

Jensen Ames (Jason Statham)  star of The Transporter, is framed for his wife’s murder, he is then sent to prison, and his little girl is sent to foster care. While in prison he is ask by Warren Hennessey (Joan Allen) to take the place of a racer named Frankenstein who had died in his last race. She wants  the prisoners to think that Frankenstein is immortal and to raise her ratings. He wanted no part of it until she threatened his relationship with his daughter.

As he gets ready for his first race he meets with Coach (Ian Mcshane) who’s in charge of his vehicles equipment and  navigator Case (Natalie Martinez) who shows him the ropes on how to stay in the game. Jensen soon finds out that someone in the prison might be responsible for framing him and killing his wife. After a life threatening discussion with Case, he also finds out that Hennesy is behind more then just hosting the races! During his stay at the prison he is forced to cooperate with his strongest rival, Machine Gun Joe (Tyrese Gibson) Four Brothers, who only needs 2 more wins to gain his freedom and is determined to take Frankenstein down once and for all. Will Jensen win one more race and win his freedom? Watch to find out.

This is a great action movie and was well thought out. It wasn’t predicable like most films of today. The fighting scenes with Statham were lacking but is made up with the special effects and stunts which were amazing. Both Men and women will be suprised at how well this movie was put together. The movie had drama, action, suspense, and much more. I never saw Joan Allen in a “bad guy” role. Her performance was superb! I highly recommend this movie. I look forward to more great movies from director Paul W.S Anderson. This movie is rated R and was made in Canada.