1939, famous scientists are starting to disappear, and journalist Polly Perkins (Paltrow) has a lead on the story. When New York City is suddenly attacked by mysterious and innovative giant robots, “Sky Captain” Joe Sullivan (Law) is called to the rescue, and seeing that both the missing scientists and the robot attacks are somehow connected, Polly and Joe team up to unravel the case and its origins.

A big screen debut for the films writer and director Kerry Conran. The film is a sci-fi adventure with a nice sense of mystery to it. Set in a vintage 1930’s futuresque New York City, the story follows the efforts of journalist Polly Perkins, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, and fighter pilot Joe “Sky Captain” Sullivan, who is played by Jude Law, and their efforts to unravel a conspiracy and track down a mysterious scientist.

Okay, I thought this was a very brilliant film. I don’t know why there are mixed reviews for this. The look is so innovative and is very visually stimulating for its time. Its like the “Avatar (2010)” of 2004 for me, in terms of visual styling and CGI 2D and 3D animation. All of the sets, backdrops, and pieces are gorgeously animated, and the use of dull colors and bright lighting set the overall feel nicely for this film. Plus, the story line is great, and is barely a bore, filled with mystery, action, romance, and humor. I don’t see why people would pass this off as a bad movie. Was it because it wasn’t released in 3D?

This was pretty good and entertaining.