Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Ryan Merriman

Kris Lemche

Alexz Johnson

Sam Easton

Texas Battle

I guess they thought this movie fit under horror but the only thing scary about this movie was there acting. Yikes!!

                   Well Final Destination 3 starts off just as the ones befor it Wendy Christensen ( Mary Elizabeth Winstaed )  fore sees a very tragic event before it happens on a roller coaster and than snaps back into reality and stops a few people Kevin Fischer (Ryan Merriman), Ian McKiney (Kris Lemche), Erin Ulmer (Alexz Johnson), Frankie Cheeks (Sam Easton) Lewis Romero (Texas Battle) to name a few; from going on the roller coaster. Her vision then comes true and everyone that stayed on the roller coaster dies but what happens next is not a big surprise. Everyone than that had got off the coaster that night than starts getting killed in a similar way that there seen in photos that they took of the night the tragic roller coaster accident had happen. Than just like the previous movies they think they have it beat and than death or the grim reaper what ever you like to call it comes back and ties up all the loose ends. The End

        Well one thing in particular that really sucked besides the whole entire movie was the acting they did such a horrible job. I really think Jessica Simpson could’ve done a better job and you all know how good here acting is *chuckles* but seriously though. I’ll give an example in the movie when Wendy (Mary Winstead) and Kevin (Ryan Merriman) were in the weight room and was talking to Lewis (Texas Battle) than all of sudden he got smashed and killed by the weight set. There reations is so comical that my little son has a better reaction when he sees something bad happens. I mean really they looked shocked ill give them that and gave a less than impressive scream, than all of a sudden the next scene was them talking about how there going to go help someone else and they didnt seem bother at all that they just witnessed one of there friends get smashed to death by a weight set no more than 10 minutes agos and than just be all fine about it i dont know about you but i would be a nervous reck, shaking uncontrolably,  studdering i would be just like Alex Browning (Devon Sawa) from the first Final Destination scared and not knowing what to expect. But at the same time trying to cheat death at the same time, all while trying to help my friends and worn them of the fore bidding danger that lies ahead in there life’s. I mean this isn’t an action movie she didnt have to take the reins to the horses on this just act like she didnt know what the hell was going on and be scared ass hell how hard is it to pull that off i guess for her it was like climbing Mount Everest with flip flops, shorts, and a halter top with a sun bonet. She should’ve stopped trying to act like a super hero type, I can see telling your friends of course thats the right thing to do but see them get killed right in front of you and than act all non chalont about it afterwards i dont know where she paid for acting classes at but i think she should most definatly get a refund back because she cant act and if she can than i dont think this was the type of movie she should’ve starred in maybe she should’ve been in a TV show first than gradually made crappy movies like Keenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell did with Good Burger.


           But I say she what I really mean is “they”, who is “they” you ask “they” are, the casting director who thought these no talent rejects could pull off a movie. I dont know why he or she thought they could act Ray Charles could see that they were horrible actors, we didnt even have to waste our money going to the theater, or renting it at the local blockbuster or hollywood video to waste our time or to see that this was a failed attempt to add a Final Destination to the successful first 2; Just looking at them is sufficient enough to know that not only can they not act but also got paid for a job that they didnt even do. That’s like asking someone in a wheelchair to help you carry a big screen up a flight of stairs but obviously since they cant you do it but end up dropping and busting your TV. Just like the actors in this movie they got paid to act and since they couldn’t or was trying to hard that the movie ended up a flop. In all honesty in my opinion i think this last installment of Final Destination really messed up my dvd collection i was looking for a strong trilogy instead i got Nickelodeon’s and the Disney channels cast. “They” i say it again meaning the creators or who ever was behind this movie should’ve came up with a better concept of this movie like atleast if your going to make a trilogy make it make sense to the previous ones because the first 2 Final Destinations actaully made sense those were good movies they tied into eachother really good and after coming out with them 2 you would think that “they” would want to stop and bath in that glory of having a rock solid sequel set of movies and how they made it great worhty watching movies but nooooo they had to make a 3 and im willing to bet they spent more making the film than they did in the box office and dvd release combined. You know that term stop while your ahead that term should’ve been applied here, and If you dont agree with me than you were probably the ones that worked on the film and was looking forward to that christmas bonus  that never came.


          So all in all i really think this Final Destination was stupid, the acting is this movie was more scary than the events in the movie and the movie its self, and hope that this is the last of the Final Destination series. I also hope that i dont have to watch any of these actors in the starring roles of movies again unless its on comedy central. So i recommend that you act like there is no Final Destination 3  like it never existed “they” got one thing right this is the Final Destination for this movie that is.


** P.S ** I really recommend that you watch Final Destination 1 & 2 and think about was it really neccasary to add a 3rd film to chain of movies.