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Phantom of The Opera (1989)

This week I am reviewing one of my favorite Robert Englund films of all time: The 1989 version of Phantom of the Opera directed by Dwight Little. The classic novel by Gaston Leveroux is given a dark makeover that brings this version as close to the novel as it can get. Christine Day a young opera singer is transported to “Jack The Ripper” London where she is the only American singing in the London Opera and is mentored by the mysterious Phantom, Erik Destler (Horror Icon Robert Englund). When things go bad for Christine, the Phantom murders for her. This was the only “Splatter” Hammer film concept of Phantom ever made and it relates more to the book than the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.

It features a great cast including Saturday night live star Molly Shannon, Bill Nighy, Jill Schoelen, and Alex Hyde-White. The score is great and  What attracted me the most about Phantom besides it being a darker re-telling about an Opera singer and the Phantom obsessed with her and to finish his greatest musical masterpiece was the idea of this well dressed attractive gentlemen, but a masked one, with his identity slicked under this slick glossy veneer was that He could be an angel. He could be a devil or both. The phantom kills for Christine and wants to look more human because he can’t pass on in society the way he looked the way he really looked. He has to replace the skin that begins to yellow out and he sold his soul to the devil for his music, but he was deformed so badly that people wouldn’t be able to stand him. I reccomend you go out and read the original Gaston Levoroux novel then rent the dvd because then you’ll get the understanding of the original story told in this version then in the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. Out of the musical and this one, this one remains my favorite Phantom film to this day. If you are a true fan of Gore horror then please check this film out. You will love the New Romantic British Splatter Hammer film concept of it and this is one of Englund’s best performances besides 2001 Maniacs and Jack Brooks Monster Slayer.

Until my next review, Thanks for geeking out with Amberthemoviegeekauthor. See you at the movies!


You can order this film at or at . I had to buy it from Hastings to watch it because none of the movie stores have it to rent anymore and the dvd is really cheap.

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