Twilight (2008)

Well I just got back from seeing the movie TWILIGHT and to be perfectly honest, I was quite impressed by the film. Catherine Hardwicke helmed this film from the adaptation of the Twilight Series made possible from creator Stephenie Meyer. Kristen Stewart was cast as Isabella Swan (Bella) with Robert Pattinson playing her love interest as Edward. This movie fits the standards of Anne Rice with its telling of Romance and Suspense set in the time of its modern era.

The main premise of the movie is based upon a the telling of a young girl who is in love with a boy. Ok, I know what your thinking. Another love story? Not Exactly. Bella moves from Phoenix to the great rainy state of Seattle to live with her dad.  She is enrolled into school where she meets plenty of people who thinks she is this “Front Page” girl and becomes popular pretty quickly. Edward come into the picture about 20 minutes into the movie and is utterly disgusted by Bella (well thats what you begin to think). Basically you are thrown into immediate frustrations when Bella is trying out to find out who Edward is and Edward being evasive of Bella. Eventually they start to talk and begin to have feelings for each other when eventually the story finally picks up. YAY! Well throughout the movie Edward is constantly protecting Bella when eventually through her own research (Indians being descendants of wolf fighting the ‘Cold Ones’) that Edward is a Vampire. With countless attempts to lure Bella away from him, Edward finally gives into tempations and becomes Bella’s boyfriend. Old boyfriend might I add.

Ok now lets me talk about the acting for a little bit. Now Kristen Stewart was ok. She came from a little bit of acting experience. Not very good If I must say *Eh Em* ‘The Messengers’ But did a fairly decent job in the movie. Since Bella was a very ‘cold’ character in the Books, I guess Stewart was a match made in heaven. Now Robert Pattinson on the other hand did not have any major acting experience. A few small roles here and there, but he really had to step up and impress the audience. And he did. In a weird Vampiric way. Some honorable mentions of the film are Billy Burke and Peter Facinelli. They were spot on in their roles of Charlie Swan (Burke) and Carlisle (Facinelli)

The overall direction of this movie was not bad. Though it was slow in a few spots of the movie, the director made sure that there was enough suspense and romance mixed in with each other to keep attention on the film. Now all movies that are adapted from a book cannot be spot on *Cough* (Battlefield Earth) This film seemed to follow the book in a good way. I believe it had enough of what everyone wanted and not enough of what people needed. Does that make sense? I don’t care. Either way, the movie ended on a good note for the most part and I think on led on in pace of the book.

Overall I would give my recommendation to see this movie at a matinee rate or if you have a cheap dollar theatre around. It was a good movie but not exceptional. Although if you are a teen girl then I believe this film is for you. Another small note is that this film is for all audiences. Not just those that have read the Series.

This is The Review Master signing off. 

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