DREDD (2012)

DREDD is yet another comic book hero that has sprung to life again by the money hungry machine of the filming industry. Starring the Kiwi actor Karl Urban and Olivia Thirbly this movie is the super hero version of the Smith, Lawrence Cop flick BAD BOYS. Set in a distant future DREDD is a cop in a time where they are empowered to pass judgment on criminal offences and even execute on sight provided it’s justified.

Judge Dredd first saw its light as a super hero back in the1977. His missions have carried him across many violent and corrupted cities battling corrupt adversaries. Alex Garland who is responsible for the screenplay of DREDD extracts one tower block and sets the whole 95 minutes in this tower block called the Peach Trees. This is the first good move in the screen play. Next is the plot based on the illicit drug SLOW-MO which aids director Peter Travis to explore the computer generated imagery (CGI) and to add a pinch of salt into the blood soaked movie.

There indeed is a great balance in the screenplay with the inclusion of the sidekick Anderson (Olivia Thirbly). Since DREDD (Karl Urban) is deprived of an actor’s most valued tool; eyes and facial expressions due to the helmet, Urban plays a very rigid cop using his body language and voice. Had it been written with no side kick, I doubt even the best of CGI could have saved DREDD from being box office dead!

Yet another aspect that would further entice your entertainment senses is the light used in filming. The glum green filtered lighting settles in a perfect ambience to the futuristic corrupt world. Each super hero has their own little back yard which elevates their presence. To Spiderman it’s a city with sky scrapers, to Batman its Gotham City, to Iron Man once again it’s the 21st Century cities and to DREDD it’s a Star wars assorted with District 9 and I firmly believe Peter Travis nails it right in the head with his sound stage.

The only thing that does not fly with me is the excess blood spillage that makes it sadly look too artificial. It’s clear where the CGI team was heading with the extra detailing of gruesome violence since DREDD was released in 3D, however it’s the only reason that could negate points off this movies rating. However provided that the recurrence of such artificial bloodiness is seldom seen it will indeed negate a handsome amount in my rating later on.

Judge Dredd and Rookie Anderson answer a distress call in the corrupt future in a tower called Peach Trees. As the infiltrate they tower and capture a king pin of a mass drug wave the tower is locked down entrapping them within. The only option for survival is to fight until rescue arrives. Equipped with heavy body armor and once hell of a fancy gun, Dredd and Anderson steps up a notch!

If you enjoy blood, action and superheroes; you won’t be disappointed with DREDD!





RATING: 06/10


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