I watched Flashbacks of a Fool only because of the controversy about the “nude” scene showing Daniel Craig’s perfectly-formed arse.  I do love Daniel Craig though he’s an actor that seems to enjoy acting and doesn’t bother with the extra baggage that comes with it. The film has lesser known actors, except maybe for Eve who plays Ophelia. Flashbacks of a Fool was written and directed by Baillie Walsh.


Daniel Craig plays Joe Scott a Hollywood star whose career seems to be fading because of his Rock n’ Roll life style of sex, drugs and alcohol. We see him struggling with his current routine and has Ophelia (Eve) as his personal assistant to witness his wrong doings.  

When Joe gets a call from his mother about his friend’s death back home in England we see his younger years unfold.

Joe is a teenager on the brink of sexual discovery sharing a home alongside the beach with his mother, her lady friend, and his sister. Their neighbors are an attractive married woman with a young child, and an old-lonely grumpy woman who has gossip to keep her company.

There’s an uncomfortable seduction that Joes older-married neighbor unveils upon him and his sexual hunger fogs his rational thinking. As he begins to care for a young woman who all the boys fancy, including his friend, the married woman interferes and Joe’s sexual lust takes over in her bedroom.

A tragedy happens during Joe’s second sexual encounter with the woman and guilt drives Joe to escape from his family and his home.


The movie has a slow feel to it.  There’s no action it’s all reliant on the characters, which weren’t built well.  I felt disconnected from them and maybe if given more film time the characters could’ve developed nicely.  Not to say that the actors didn’t play them well but there was just no substance to any of the characters.

In fact, one of the crucial scenes toward the end of the movie made me laugh a bit.  Just thinking about it makes me smile but it’s a scene that is meant to be sad and tragic and it should of made me tear up a bit but failed. 

There are what seem to be intentional holes in the whole film, as if the director was trying to be mysterious and artsy but it comes off as confusing for the viewer.  A lot of things were not explained so it left me with the feeling of emptiness.

Point is, don’t waste your time with this one cause you will not get anything out of it. It did remind me a bit of the movie “Lucia y el Sexo” or “Sex and Lucia” which is 100 times better, so watch that one instead.