Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Horror Are You Scared (2006)

Are You Scared (2006)

To answer the question, no, I was anything but scared when I watched this movie. Are You Scared is completely unashamed in being a Saw knockoff. Director Andy Hurst and a cast of other people you’ve never heard of deliver a supremely crappy movie experience, even by low-budget B film standards. It’s one of those rare king of things in life where it’s so bad, its own existence insults itself so much that anything I can muster up just pales in comparison. But that won’t stop me from trying.

The first scene of the movie is a direct ripoff of the opening scene in Saw, complete with police coming into the complex after the fact. The film features a bunch of young people whom awaken in an abandoned factory by a figure named Tetris, (i’m serious) who has a voice that happens to be synthesized to sound exactly like “Jigsaw”, the antagonist from the Saw series. Anyway, the 20-somethings learn that they are on the reality show “Are You Scared”, but this is no ordinary reality show, no sir. It’s a show where the play games that like, kill people with their fears and stuff. And if they fail, they are disqualified, permanently.

First of all, the “games” that are played in the movies aren’t even fucking games, because no matter what is done, they just die. It’s not even interesting to watch because it’s that damn predictable, the cast just dies in various ways that aren’t even interesting. This movie tries to pretend to be more than some shitty B-knockoff by making the by having pseudo-philosophic clumsily scripted in. Saw did the same thing with trying to make it’s dumb audience feel sophisticated, but this movie obviously fails even harder at it. Did I mention this is a knockoff of Saw? Because the ominous producer guy even says things to the effect of “I’d like to play a game”.

The acting is typical B-film quality, but the plot was just too boring and too thin. It’s apparent that the director tried to force in twists and what not to make it seem interesting, but all these efforts were swallowed up in a sea of monotony, as were any attempts to develop characters. The situations would normally inspire some sort of feelings for the characters, but they were simply too undeveloped to relay anything to the audience, and just about everything was dome ham-fistedly.

I only finished watching the film for the sake of writing a review, so be grateful. It was monotonous at best, and a terrible imitation of everything you‘ve already seen at worst. It’s not even fun to laugh it with friends, because its lack of scariness is just so damn bland. I almost found an appreciation for the Saw series that I pride myself on hating. Do not see this film, it will only make your day seem more boring, nothing else to say.

I would give this film a 1/10 for being mercifully short at 79 minutes, if not for the fact that it’s a knockoff. So it’s a 0/10.

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