Radio Flyer (1992)

Radio Flyer is about two young boys trying to escape their abusive step-father through imagination. The movie is a dynamic tale of Mike and Bobby two boys who decide to build an airplane out of a radio flyer red wagon so they can escape their troubled lives. It begins with an older Mike telling the story of his childhood to his two young boys.

Radio Flyer begins with Mike and Bobby moving west with their mom to start a new life after their father leaves them. Not long after they move west their mother falls in love with a man who seems just about perfect. He is the answer to their prayers as he loves not only Mary, their mother (played by Lorraine Bracco) but also the boys teaching them everything a father would. That is until they discover that his drinking is another thing he loves just as much. The more he drinks the more he begin to hit the youngest brother Bobby thus puts in motion their plan to escape.

The movie showcases two fantastic performances by Elijah Wood who plays Mike and Joseph Mazzello who plays Bobby. Joseph is the gem of the film with a subtle portrayal of what it is like to have a dream. One thing that stood out to me is even though Bobby is the one who is being abused he never lashes out against his brother. He doesn’t even tell his mother what is happening to him because he wants her to be happy. These two actors do such a fine job of playing brothers that you actually believe that they are related.

Elijah Wood is one of those few actors who knows how to pull every emotion out of someone. He plays the older brother searching for answers as to how he can help his little brother. When he comes up with “The Big Idea” you are left wishing that it works out for the two of them.

I loved the simplicity of this movie it is a good enough story to capture even the shortest of attention spans. It is a classic movie that everyone should see at least once in their lifetimes. The thing I loved most about this movie is that it lets you imagine so many things rather than setting everything in front of you like most newer movies. Richard Donner the director who is the mastermind behind films such as Lethal Weapon and 16 Blocks did a fantastic job at capturing the innocence of the story.

This is a family friendly movie that everyone will enjoy especially the one who still believe in dreams. By the end of the film it will have everyone believing in magic as it is truly a great film.

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