Descent (2006)

Descent is a horror movie about a group of friends looking for adventure when a devastating car crash shakes one of the friends the main character Sara played by Shauna McDonald. One of the girls, Juno decides to get everyone together for a new adventure, exploring an undiscovered cave in the Appellation Mountains it doesn’t take long before the group realizes that something is wrong and that they don’t know there way out. Things get worse when the group realizes that they’re not alone in the cave and that they are surrounded by what can be best described as blind flesh eating people.  

This film was boring and had several scenes that would leave the audience thinking get on with it. For example, the scenes when the group is crawling in small quarters in the cave could’ve been editing and could’ve been a lot shorter. Another problem I had with the film was the connection to the daughter’s birthday cake and being stuck in a cave I feel that this angle was underdeveloped.  

There was another angle that I felt was undeveloped as well and that was when Juno stabbed Mary in the neck after fighting the flesh eaters. The film tries to make Juno a bad guy, but doesn’t a weak job of it.  

One of the big moments that made the cover of the film confused me there was a small pond of blood. I was left wondering how the blood got there, and why was it there, and wouldn’t the blood have been gone because the flesh eaters would’ve drank the blood or would it not dry up? Simple there were too many unanswered questions and undeveloped story angles.  

Overall, I feel that if you miss this movie that you’re really not missing out I simple rented the film in the spirit of Halloween and I was some what disappointed.  

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  1. I watched this movie after being told how original it was, and felt the same as you about it. Far too many unexplained events, and generally boring from start to finish.

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