Moster Squad (1987) DVD

Monster Squad is a fun, clever and perfect for all age’s film about a group of kids who realize that the monster they love are real and in their town ready to take over. The story begins in the late 1800 in a building where Van Helsing has found a powerful amulet that will send the evil monsters to a dimension where they can never harm the living. The only problem is that they need a virgin and the monsters are closing in fast; the young virgin must read a passage in German, after she finishes the passage the amulet opens up a portal and sucks everything into the postal unfortunately, Van Helsing is unable to defeat the monsters and they return 100 years to the date back for revenge and more eager to take back the amulet and rule the night forever.  You will have to see the movie to see what happens with the rest of the story which does take place in the present.


This film is great because the film features the four original monster that started the horror genre in the 30s Dracula, the Werewolf, the Mummy, Frankenstein, and the Creature from the Lagoon.  The film is also a treasure because it shows that a small cult classic can make an impact, a film that was released 20 years ago on cable is now available for an entire generation who thought the film was lost on DVD. I also love the moments of comic relief and the makeup is well done this movie is just plan fun. Another interesting fact about the DVD is the extras there are several interviews with the cast and it funny seeing what they look like today. One other element about this movie that I enjoy is that in most horror film woman are either victim or they are objectified and that doesn’t take place in this film at all the movie is rated PG-13 and there is absolutely no nudity and very little obscenities used in the dialogue.  


 I strongly recommend anyone seeing the DVD no matter if you are a child of the 80s or not or if you just enjoy horror this film is definitely worth the 90 minutes.  I do warn you that if you enjoy blood and guts then you might be disappointed because they deaths are pretty basic and one sees very little blood, but as I said before the story certainly makes up for it.

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