Let’s play a game. The object of the game is to survive. Starring Tobin Bell as Jigsaw, go behind the demented mastermind genius.

The Saw series begins with Jigsaw murdering not for killing people but to make sure they learn their lesson. In the fourth movie we see the detective begin killed off but we don’t know whether he is dead or alive. The whole movie is a set up between the two detectives behind the cases. You won’t believe how it ends.

Whoever wrote this a sheer genius and must have had a lot of time on their hands to come up with something so creative. i wish my mind worked like that. Completely demented of course, but it’s an never ending mystery. I do not want to give away the ending, but the “killer,” has his revenge in a weird way making you go “OMG, that’s what happened?” The story itself is creative and thought out well.

The Saw series has a lot of gore and disturbing images. The whole time people were dying and blood loss which makes you sick. The blood wasn’t too bad, but there are flashbacks and it alters from then to now. That is how you see how everything connects. Overall, this film was pretty twisted!

4 thoughts on “SAW V”

  1. Hey, did you see Saw IV? Did you get the ending? It was pretty confusing and it didn’t make logical sense when the beginning scene shows Jigsaw already dead, and how Jigsaw “came alive” and got killed at the ending scene (from Saw III).

    I have to agree with you, whoever wrote this is a genius.

  2. oh im sorry lol…they were showing flashbacks of him in the 5th one when he was alive…he is dead but when u see it it’ll make sense

  3. I absolutely love Saw! Always thought they would stop after Saw III (the whole trilogy thing).

    By the way, what’s your rating for this movie as the reviewer? (Give it a star rating by going back to edit the review)

  4. This was my first SAW film ever and it was totally awesome. The movie made me think though and it pretty recapped the other films for me even though I’ve never seen the first one. The flashbacks were creepy and I jumped at the Pendulum of doom scene at the beginning of the film. that scared the heck out of me. Whoever wrote this was a genius and I give it 5 stars even though I rate on a 10 star rating system so it would get ten stars.

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