Movie Review: Y.P.F.

You might not have heard of it, but if you have you won’t soon forget its suggestive title. The film, so aptly titled Young People Fucking, is broken up into the five phases of sex:  prelude, foreplay, sex, interlude, orgasm, and afterglow. Using these as the order of events, it cuts between five ordinary and unusual couples (The Friends, The Couple, The Exes, The Roommates, and The First Date) and their wild night of sex.

Savvy and kindled with a sort of charm and wit from a cast of magnificent young actors and actresses, Young People Fucking (a.k.a YPF) is a pleasant surprise. Immediately, one gets the impression that a film with such an obscene title is bound to have bawdy sex references and graphic nudity. Don’t pioneer yourself into vulgar mode, this is sweeter than its risqué title might suggest. While nudity is indeed present and sex is the main reference here, never once is the film dragged into inappropriate territory and remains sophisticated throughout.

Maturely written and distinguished for its remarkably true to life occurrences, Martin Gero’s directorial debut proves to be a refreshing, sweet, and clever one, an exceptional film that is so funny, so honest, and so downright sweet that it is nearly impossible to dislike. Guided by spectacular chemistry and slick dialog, YPF becomes an instant gratifier from prelude to afterglow. While sometimes slow and undeniably awkward, the film maintains an interesting trade-off between original lines and sexy innuendo.

YPF is one of the smartest, most invigorating sex-based films in recent memory. Canadian director Martin Gero is sensitive with the touchy, usually misinterpreted, subject. This is how he enables the film to shift from one couple to the next and maintain a steady tempo of low-key laughter throughout. Never vulgar, frequently sweet, and bursting with affection, YPF is an excellent little flick. It provides genuine laughs and constant enjoyment, something that most movies of its type fail to do.

Comfortable acting is a plus (a big plus) along with chemistry when it comes to making a comedy about sex, and YPF delivers the package! These young actors and actresses do a phenomenal job at sinking into their likable roles.

This feel-good flick is romantic enough to watch with a date and sweet enough to spread the word around to the younger audiences. But keep in mind, this film is intelligent enough to work for more than just its targeted demographic. There is a wide range of people who can enjoy a bright, refreshingly light comedy about one of the more potentially heavy-handed subjects. With the uplifting moments and the prolonged enjoyment immediately afterward, YPF comes highly recommended because of its fine cast, sumptuous scripting, and splendid directing. Just don’t expect the expected (loads of uninhibited, meaningless sex, and unessential nudity) and you should be supremely satisfied with the outcome. 4/5 stars

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