A movie that u must see! Immediately

OK i don’t know the peoples names so i guess i”ll start on whatever.

OK based on the animated series is this New movie its about this young boy (speed racer) he loves race-cars and racing and stuff like that. Then there’s a tragic loss in the family Rex his older bro i believe dies in an accident. Anyways time passes on and he now races and all these events happen. Plus this mean mans making his life hard so he joined something and has cool tricks installed to his car he then at the end basically is happy I’m not telling anymore because then i’ll spoil it and that’s no fun. So watch it i know it seams sucky but if Ur a racing/speed racer fan then you will love this movie. I give this 41/2 stars See Ya!

The music in the film is so good i like the theme song. Go Speed Racer GO!

I also love the back-grounding in the film its so animated. Oh and the colors great job!

Sorry i have nothing else to put down except that i love this movie! I love the part when the little boy and the monkey are always there at this certain time to save speed and how they help fight.It is great to watch with the whole family! And it wasn’t what i expected there’s alot of surprising events and scenes in the film that u must see. My parents thought, well my mom thought it was a cartoon. I love the car i believe its called PAC 5  is awesome! I am a person who loves cars and action films. Well any ways i hope u enjoy it and well i guess that’s it. I give this film  2 thumbs up! Basically because I’m a kid at heart and love these kinds of films is why i give this a such good rate. So just see the film.

Oh and i hope i didn’t spoil any thing for ya. Finally See Ya! = )