Stars Ewan Mcgregor, Hugh Jackman, & Michelle Williams. This film is a thriller set in a New York City background. The movie starts off with Jonathan (Ewan Mcgregor) an auditor who leads a normal but boring life,until he meets Wyatt (Hugh Jackman) who walks into an office room where Jonathan is working introduces himself and lets Jonathan tell him his life story, after that day they began hanging out together Jonathan is happy to have a new friend.    One night after hanging out together Jonathan found himself with Wyatt’s cell phone he kept getting strange phone calls from different women, curious Jonathan decides  to respond and meets with a beautiful blonde woman and there begins his nights with various women very little converstation and pure sex. One night Jonathan meets a beautiful mysterious woman that he briefly meet in the subway and there is instant attraction, the two break the rules of no conversation and talk and also set a date. Jonathan goes on an errand and when he returns to find her gone the mystery of her disappearance and the true identity of Wyatt begin to weave a web of deception.  The acting in this movie is good, you are convinced by the actors that they are the charactors that they are portraying, for instance Hugh Jackman is very convincing as Wyatt he is friendly and mysterious and easily pulls Wyatt into his life, as Jonathan (Ewan Mcgregor) who is lonely and rapped up in work is always the outsider looking in was none to happy to welcome Wyatt into his life. Deception is a dark movie with the backdrop of Corporate New York City with clean modern offices, and expensive hotels. You see a world of big glass buildings and small modern apartments sprinkled with  dark hotel rooms.   The actors in this movie are very good but they are wasting there time with this film, the dialogue is minimal and the plot has that (been there done that before) feel to it, I will say it’s nice to see Michelle Williams take a different role by seeing her play this sexy yet secretive woman, but i would’ve liked to see more of her charactor, perhaps in a different movie. Overall I would say skip it this film was just boring

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  1. This movie was absolutely horrible. There was hardly any story to be found here, basically it was one sex scene after another. Other thrillers of a similar nature have done this much better, for instance the first Basic Instinct was a great thriller, with plenty of story, and although it had an abundance of sex-related elements, the story that connected those elements is what drove the story and made it work.

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