Chronos (1985)

Some modern physicists, theoretical mathematicians, mystics, metaphysicians, even astronomers, have looked at time in ways other than purely chronological. Out of any approach to a unified field theory “serial time” as opposed to linear, supports a great many more resolutions to anomaly than otherwise. Throughout time all focus through constructions of meditation have been based on an absolute focus to obtain the “now” apart from the frail process we encounter in transient everyday life. A place where we are apart from the debatable, alone unto thought and any way to perfect it free of denigrating circumstance. The opposite of being caught up in the moment.

To this end, the marvelous film, Chronos, serves entry. To tell you of its components would be to suggest part and piecemeal study, only well and good were its parts near any sum of its whole. For they are not. In the scope of the grand plan obviously felt in its viewing, Chronos is a unique approach to the legendary “now” through its use of time lapse photography and how it chooses to use it. The timeless indeed is untouched by the method while the everyday is indistinct and frantic. The mind comes to rest on focus outside immediacy, what meditation might require days, weeks,  months to accomplish. In a mere 42 minutes.

The places visited are of atoning beauty, even those of cannon placement, alongside splendors of the Grand Canyon, Giza, cities and their arteries, portrayed as almost arterial system likeness of some giant. The finest, grandest structures on earth, and the grid like ruins (they will someday become) from a past constantly (sometimes unwisely) repeating. Words begin to lose their value. Moving murals filling us through our eyes without need for them. And music to match.

Don’t view, enter this film.

Director/alchemist: Ron Fricke

Scenario/writers : Constantine Nicholas and Genevieve Nicholas

Recommended to and for everyone, a superb experience.


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