Attention to detail is everything, plot, casting, review…Netflix chose as a headliner review one written by someone that didn’t see the movie through or forgot the pause when he/she momentarily left for more dip. A very significant element to the plot is overlooked, and, a very apparent one.

Because of a very engaging plot, full of raging intensity, this movie enters into a very novel area for the action/thriller. Adapted from a story by Robert Archer Lynn, in turn by, Joe Chappelle, its sweep is broad, from police corruption to vigilante justice to serial killing. When the ultimate victim comes to face the still continued victimization at the hands of those responsible for investigating his child’s murder, he is brought to the final test of his own sense of decency and courage. A point, I’m afraid, where most would fail.

Performances by Ron Eldard, as Thomas Archer, a man seeking closure for his outrage, and Til Schweiger, thought to be the offending serial killer, are professional and well delivered. Casting Eldard in his role was inspired. The directing by Joe Otting is as adept as any in the blockbusters. Very dramatic demands are made on the role of Archer’s wife, Sarah, that are well carried by the beautiful, Marisa Coughlan. Christopher Plummer, always first-rate, plays Dr. Heller but is placed in a situation at the film’s end that seems entirely unsuitable for a man his age.

Another exception could be made to the very ending with an alternative twist the viewer might even anticipate, one that would unify the plot perhaps better than that chosen. This may sound a bit cryptic but anymore detail and viewing pleasure might be sacrificed. Suffice it to say, the movie is exceptional and deserves such consideration…not just its viewer.

Regardless this movie justifies itself as it stands on all counts and has an exceptional storyline full of everything you could pay to see in its genre.

Too intense for young children, rough language but no nudity.

Highly recommended.