Top Gun

If you like fighter pilot movies with great dogfighting scenes, “Top Gun” is the movie you’d want to see…again and again.  Directed by Tony Scott, and starring Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer, and Anthony Edwards.  Tom Cruise is Maverick, an over-confident but talented fighter pilot for the US Navy.  He and his flying partner, Goose (Anthony Edwards), are recuited to go Top Gun, the Navy’s most prestigious air combat school.  Upon arriving, Maverick meets Iceman (Val Kilmer), Maverick’s biggest competition.  As the movie progresses, both Maverick and Iceman are constantly competing (mostly with each other) for the Top Gun trophy.   Maverick also meets and falls in love with Charlie, played by Kelly Mcgillis, who is one of the instructors at Top Gun.  After a tragic accident during a combat exercise, Maverick is unable to perform in the air and has to make the decision to either quit or fight through and be the best of the best.  This movie was exciting all the way through.  I found myself at the edge of my seat any time there was a dogfight scene on the screen.  It didn’t matter whether they were real or a part of the Top Gun training exercises.  The scenes were that good.  And did I mention incredibly authentic?  Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer are more than convincing as rivals and have great chemistry.  Also, the locker room scenes containing the rest of the Top Gun students are reminiscent of scenes you’d see in a teen movie with the boys football or basketball team.   Speaking of chemistry, let’s not forget the love affair between Cruise and McGillis.  The forbidden teacher/student relationship does not run dry here, as it is more than just a casual hook-up between the two.   I also enjoyed Meg Ryan as Goose’s wife.  She is as spunky and delightful as ever in the scenes with Maverick, Goose, and even Charlie.  The element of this film that impressed me the most had to be the character development of Maverick.  At the start of the film, he is immediately introduced as the over-confident, arrogant, trouble-causing aviator who thinks he is the best at what he does.  However, as the movie goes on, we see that he suffers from some personal issues involving his father and that his over-confidence is even a tragic flaw that could cause trouble for him.   We slowly see that he is just as human as anyone else, and he has a lot of things to learn about himself and his flying.  This movie is a one of a kind gem with good acting and even better action sequences.  You are able to put yourself in the cockpit with Maverick and almost feel what he is feeling when he is in that fighter plane making maneuver after maneuver.  The soundtrack could’ve had a little bit more variety to it, but other than that I thoroughly enjoyed this movie from beginning to end.  This is a must-see movie and an instant classic.  The dogfight scenes alone will leave you thinking about it for days after you’ve seen it.    

3 thoughts on “Top Gun”

  1. One of the greatest movies ever! No, not one of the greatest as in “best picture” kind of thing, but one of the most entertaining and fun films from the past 25 years. great music, great action, everytime i see it i wish I had a F-14 tomcat. great old movie with some great actors.

  2. I had a friend in junior high school who watched this damn thing everyday for an entire summer the minute it hit VHS. He watched this thing like it was the second coming.
    Awful editing, the planes are hard to tell apart and it feels like a Bay on steroids make this one hard to swallow. I find it hard to believe also that a guy as good looking as Maverick would go after someone as manly and chunky as Kelly McGillis- Nigga, please!
    I grew to hate it and its been many years since I last saw it, I realized, I hate it even more. Although Cruise is one smooth operator and is one of my favorite actors working today, despite his alledged wierdness.

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