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Rhyming Review For ‘Django Unchained’

Jamie Foxx plays the lead role in Quentin Tarantino’s film ‘Django Unchained’
It has good dialogue, some humor and shoot outs that are totally unrestrained

Christoph Waltz plays a bounty hunter who takes Foxx’s character along for a ride
He’s out to find some people and needs Django to travel with him by his side

It turns out Django needs some help to find his wife, the woman he does adore
She was sold as a slave to a plantation owner in the years before the Civil War

Kerry Washington is the wife and Leonardo DiCaprio the owner of the plantation
The two travelling men show up with a business proposition as their explanation

Is all part of their plan, you see, to get Django back together with his wife
The deal Django made with the bounty hunter gave him freedom for his own life

Typical of Tarantino, this film is bloody with action scenes that are way over the top
Many people are shot to death and the spurting and splattering never seems to stop

The action is balanced by the characters, the story and a script that is very good
I highly recommend this entertaining film that I enjoyed as much as I thought I would

1 thought on “Rhyming Review For ‘Django Unchained’”

  1. I’m a new critic just checking things out and I must say that your review of django Unchained could have been so much better. I mean come on Kerri washington? You gave her more credit in this movie than gave main antagonist played by Leonardo decaprio. You make it sound as though the bounty hunter just randomly pics django to help him on his mission. I think the fact that you didn’t even mention the cunning of waltz’s character shows not only your lack of maturity but your inability to fully comprehend Quinton’s work. In short you could some up your review as thus: Jamie fox was good actor lots of action and even more words. Lol no hard feelings

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