During the opening credits of Seed, real-life footage is seen of animal abuse and torture. This footage was received from PETA and director Uwe Boll (proud owner of two dogs) has pledged to donate 2.5 percent of the profits from the release of this DVD to charity. Although this opening footage isn’t completely necessary, it does provide a sort of dimension to the serial killer himself. He enjoys this torture and abuse, getting aroused by watching this horrific footage. In a way, it is powerful footage and adds magnitude to the killer’s wrath.

Uwe Boll has steadily been showing signs of improvement, and in many ways, this is among his most accomplished features. With his recent comedy being another effort among his failures, Uwe Boll decided to switch gears to the dying genre known as torture porn. Admittedly, this is a dully shot, dimly lit, and poorly acted film. However, it has got to be one of the most disturbing and graphic films I have ever encountered. These images that become lodged into the viewer’s brain look surprisingly substantial, due to the nearly undetectable CGI effects.

It accomplishes what most horror movies fail to do — it disturbs us to the point where we actually feel the terror. The horror is thick and merciless. And to think that Uwe Boll is responsible for making this happen is even more astonishing. A few awe-inspiring kills (yes, they actually look real) and a sudden, yet unsettling, ending to top off the madness left me rattled to the core.

Enjoyable? Absolutely not. This is a film that one doesn’t enjoy — it’s a disquieting experience, a film that one admires for its audacity and ability to disturb. It is in this area that Seed is brilliantly conceived and it is in this area that most horror movies manage to fall short miserably.

Don’t get me wrong, this will get criticized for the acting, pacing, lighting, and many other nearly uncountable aspects. But the execution here and the savage kills are perfected. A B-movie lightweight has turned himself into a one-hit cult director. One scene in particular involving a woman bound to a chair will leave you uneasy and questioning whether or not it’s real (of course, it isn’t). That is what makes Seed a one-of-a-kind movie in its own sick and twisted way. Bravo Uwe Boll, you have at last justified yourself. I have never been so ruffled by a film in my life. My hat goes off to Uwe Boll, a director who has improved greatly and has brought unrestrained violence to an expired genre.

The DVD’s special features include commentary by Uwe Boll, “‘Criticized’ – How a Filmmaker Gets Back at His Critics”, “Behind-the-Scenes with Cast and Crew”, trailers, and deleted scenes. I highly suggest checking out “Criticized”, a pitch-black comedy short depicting a sinister way for a filmmaker to put a scare into his critics.  3.5/5 stars