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Dan In Real Life (2007)

Dan In Real Life is about a widow who has to take care of his three daughters. He visits for a family reunion at his parents’ house and while he’s there he meets a wonderful girl at a bookstore. He falls for her, but she tells him she’s seeing someone. Regardless, he pulls a nice move to get her number. Later, Dan’s brother introduces his girlfriend to the family and voila. It’s the girl Dan met at the bookstore.

The movie pulls everything off fantastically. The writing is great, the story is great and constantly draws you in, the acting is superb, and most importantly the entire movie feels real. You’re drawn into this widow, Dan, from the get go. The movie or writing never pull you back. Once you’re in, you’re in. And the shots are very nice also. But what makes this movie so good is the realism of it.

How many families lose a loved one? It happens a lot. And in this movie, Dan is faced with taking care of three girls which is hard for him. They don’t really connect. He’s a guy, they’re girls. I mean I’m a guy and I could only imagine how hard it would be to take care of three girlsĀ alone. But the movie captures that. You can tell Dan is having problems trying to make the girls happy and trying to protect them. You can tell he doesn’t know what to do. You can tell how hard it is for him.

The romance part of it works as well. Dan meets a wonderful girl who he falls for but she turns out to be his brother’s girlfriend. I love the dialogue between these two characters throughout the film. Once again, the film captures the feelings here. You constantly see that Marie (the girl Dan likes) loves Dan’s brother, but at the same time loves Dan too. And some of the situations they get into are just funny.

Dan in Real Life is a terrific film that draws you into the family and love themes. The clever writing adds to the funny moments and also the drama moments and the actors don’t disappoint. I have to say this is Steve Carell’s best performance to date and I think he should chose roles closer to ones like this one. There are so many things done right in this film that I could go on and on. But watch it for yourself and experience what I experienced even if you don’t like dramedies. It’s well worth your time.

Director: Peter Hedges

Starring: Stevel Carell, Juliette Binoche, Dane Cook

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