The Rise of Taj is about thie guy named Taj who wants to follow in his father’s footsteps by going to the university his father went to to finish his teaching degree. His father was in one of the higher classes, but when Taj gets there, they tell him it was a typo and he gets┬ásent to one of the lowest classes. Taj meets four kids in this class; a smart guy, a slut, a high temper guy, and a very dumb guy. They’re all outcasts and basically don’t care about it so Taj ends up helping this group of four kids become somebodies.

Now the first thing I have to say is┬áthe entire movie happens too fast. I don’t mean it’s short. I mean the story moves along fast. Taj meets this group of outcast kids and changes their lives. He changes their view on life as well. There isn’t any relationships built. They could be murderers for all Taj knows. Now the story is pretty decent. Nothing amazing but it does have its funny moments and it does entertain a little. The only thing is that it’s really predictable. Even if you’ve never seen a movie before, you can still predict the outcome. Taj meets these outcasts who see life differently from him, he tries to change them by entering in the cup, they slowly move up, and you can guess the rest.

The acting is decent which made the movie better than what it was. The main guy you’ll most likely recognize is Kal Penn who plays Taj. Like I said, he does a decent job. He even speaks with an accent! All the other actors do decently also.

Overall, I’d say The Rise of Taj is a decent comedy that will entertain to an extent. There are some very funny moments that deliver and eventhough the movie overall isn’t too funny, the acting makes up for it a little. If the predictable storyline doesn’t bother you and you’re looking for some laughs on a weekend, I’d say give this one a go.

Director: Mort Nathan

Starring: Kal Penn, Lauren Cohan