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A trip to the Moon (1902)

A Trip to the Moon is a french movie. It’s considered one of the first Sci-fi movies ever and it’s definitely a great one. It starts out in a classroom where we see a group of scientists gathered together. The leader comes in and draws on a chalkboard how they’re going to go to the moon. There’s some arguing, but once that’s settled they build the ship and have a mini adventure on the moon.

What makes this movie so great is the way that they filmed it. Yes, the story is good and there are some funny moments(especially the way they get to the moon and back to earth), but the fact that they had no special effects at that time is just amazing. The scenes where there are a lot of people involved were all extras and there’s even a scene where the travelers fight inhabitants of the moon. When the travelers kill them, you see a puff of smoke and they’re gone. Now doing that without special effects amazes me. I still don’t know how they were able to do that.

Now the story, like I said before, is good. Some of the ideas, like how they get to the moon, probably are out of date but that doesn’t matter. You’re always drawn into what’s going on that you never find yourself comparing what we know now to how they do it in the movie. What I mean by that is we know how long it takes to get to the moon. In the movie, they get there just like that. But you never really think about it and dismiss the movie because of its inaccuracy. Then again, who said Sci-fi movies have to be accurate?

Now it is a silent film, but one that I think everyone will like. Even if you’re not a Sci-fi fan or a silent movie fan, this film is a must see. You really won’t notice the sci-finess and the fantastic music makes up for the silentness. This is what a work of art truly is and it’s movies like this that create my passion for film.

   Director: Georges Melies

   Starring: Victor Andre

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  1. Wow I was so suprised to see a review of this film. I know of the short film simple because of a history of film course I took in college. The review was well written explain the story, but not completely. Nice work.

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