Disaster movie spoof makes fun of all the famous top box office look hilarious! Starring Kim Kardishan and Carmen Electra.

The movie starts of in 10,001 BC when a boy (Will Lanter) gets a dream about the world ending when a drunk Amy Whitehouse tells him if he does not turn the crystal skull in the world will end. The boy Will wakes up to find girlfriend run off before his sweet 16 party. Hilariously everyone from the High School Musical cast and JT and Jessica Simpson comes along. So JT sings like a girl and Jessica Simpson is clearly a dumb blond. High School kids Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens go to college and get banged. Then like in Cloverfield everything is an earthquake at the party and everyone has to find shelter.

This movie has a lot of funny moments. I defintely agree with the fact that they make about Disney, it is no longer kidish. I mean Disney is meant for 8-12 year olds and they have high school musical which is not something Disney would create for kids. This movie shows that the adult themes in the original high school musical is NOT meant for kids 8-12. I have a 9 yr old sister who watched this and it exposes her to a young adult world. Same with Hannah Montana, that girl no offense is so over-exposed. Thank you Disaster Movie for saying, “I mean all those pictures of me and what not well buy my new line and get my CD.” Clearly shows she is over rated and exposed and she is a 12 year old skank who is famous because of daddy. Disaster Movie does a wonderful job of making fun of them.

Another funny moment is making fun of other movies. For example,in the original movie Juno  she uses slang that no one seems to get and then during their escape to the museum she gets killed by Alvin and the PunkRock Chipmunks. At first who were cute then turned into these attacking squirrels. Then the Superhero Movies get made fun off as well such as Hulk, Batman, Beowulf and Iron Man. They all end up dating each other anyway.

Overall this movie is hilarious and if you love Kim and Carmen make sure you check them out in their fighting lesbinaish seen ;)