The Dark Night

The Dark Night was an amazing movie.  Although it was a bit long, it kept my attention the entire time.  When I went to see the movie, I admit I didn’t want to go, but was encouraged to go by friends.  I have never really been into Batman or Superman movies, so I was hesitant to say the least.  The movie held my attention from the beginning until the end.  The plot was well written.  The Joker added great excitement.  Heath Ledger played the best Joker without question.  Although Batman is the main character, Heath Ledger made the audience love the Joker.  The Joker was the humor in the entire movie, while the others characters were the action.  Batman seemed to be consistent in this movie as in previous movies.  In my opinion, having a well written movie and Heath Ledger playing the Joker was the most excitement in The Dark Night.  Don’t get me wrong, Batman was still the hero he set out to be, although the city hated him, but the excellent acting of Heath as the Joker was a highlight.

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