This movie is rated PG-13.  It stars Josh Hartnett, Matthew Lillard, and Jessica Pare.  I have it in Thrillers but honestly I think it might be more for Romantic Drama. 

This movie is about a guy, Matthew who gets his heart broken and has moved on.  Two years after his heartbreak he has met another woman and has decided to propose to her.  Things go a little hay wire when he thinks he sees the girl who broke his heart, Lisa, in a restaurant.  He goes in search of her, wanting to know why she stopped the relationship.  Little does he know something sinister has happened to cause Lisa to stop communication with him.  The twist unfolds slowly and makes you wonder who is telling the truth, and who is Lisa.

I rented this movie because at first it had been advertised in the genre of Horror, and felt misled by the fact that it was not a horror movie at all, but more of a romantic drama or romantic thriller.  So I was a little bummed as I don’t watch a lot of romance.  I like blood and gore, this movie had none.  However it did have an interesting plot twist that made me watch it with more zeal.  The four main characters are quite interesting and I was especially interested in Matthew Lillard’s character because I felt he was going to be the one who ended this movie worst off, and I was right, somewhat.  Also the ending of this movie gave me chills, of course that might have been the Coldplay song in the background.

The main problem that I had with this movie was that it was a little slow and at times I was not really interested.  There was one character in the movie that I wasn’t sure if he had been described well or if he was an unresolved plot twist.  That character was Daniel, and I wasn’t sure if he really was a stalker or if he was just a boyfriend who had just been broken up with.  So I was a little perturbed by his character.

I would reccomend this movie to anyone who likes romance, where everyone (pretty much) ends up happily at the end.  There are some unhappily ever afters, but the one that counts is satisfying.  I liked it more than I thought it would, but stick to it basically if you want romance with a “thriller” twist.  It isn’t horror, so please don’t be confused.